The JA Business Center

Is the place where the Junior Achievement Company meets weekly. The facilities in the Center include work rooms, lockers, machinery, and furniture. These are provided by JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. and are made possible by the members and counseling firms through their financial support. Your company makes scale-down payments under the terms of its lease. Your monthly rent covers your office, workspace, light, electricity, and other items business take into account when figuring out their budgets. These charges are set at a level proportionate to those corporations would pay. Everything you do in JA is based on figures and percentages of regular business. However, payments are kept in proportion to the miniature state of your JA business operation.

The JAPI Experience

In JA, you are getting “on-the-job” experience, which we hope will launch you to organize your own business. If you have tried applying for a job part-time, you have been asked “What experience have you been had?” In Junior Achievement, you will get the kind of skills employers are seeking. You have a chance for personal development, for increasing leadership ability. People will show their faith in you and your company by purchasing stocks from you. You have an obligation to lead your company to success. As a member of the Board of Directors of your company, you will make decisions, which will affect your company’s chance for success. If you become an officer, you will find out what it means to be an executive of a corporation.