Registered Business Professional ®

Background and Rationale

The RBP Certification Program was conceptualized to fill the need for skilled business graduates. Companies feel that the skill level of business students has decreased and that they need a certification program that will ensure that their future employees have the necessary skills to do the job.

The program aims to help companies find the right people, regardless of the school affiliations, which is often the criterion used in hiring new graduates. It also hopes to guide schools on skills that are currently in demand in the field and eventually make the necessary changes in their curriculum.

More importantly, it aims to raise the bar of excellence among marketing students and to help them regain the confidence of the corporate field. It also hopes to identify problem areas in their skill levels and knowledge, which they can use for self-improvement, and in turn, increases their employability.

The RBP Certification Program is a certification examination developed by top industry practitioners and reputable academic partners—Pearson Higher Education and Mc-Graw Hills Education. It measures marketing students’ knowledge, analytical skills, creativity and problem solving ability through a theoretical exam and case analysis.

The examination covers five (5) subject areas: Business Management, Marketing Management; Human Resource Management, Financial and Managerial Accounting, and Business Communication.

Who should take the RBP Certification Examination?

The RBP Certification Examination is open to all graduating Business students of different colleges and universities. Entry-level business professionals and graduating business students who wish to specialize in Business Management may also take the exam.

Benefits of the RBP Certification Program

There are huge benefits of acquiring an RBP Certification.

  • It puts a title to your name, “Registered Business Professional.” The title gives you an edge when applying in companies.
  • Passing the examination demonstrates your competency level in marketing to your prospective employers and also gives you an insight of your own skill levels.
  • Taking the RBP also builds your confidence as the examination allows you to know what your skill sets are and what areas you should improve more.

The program also benefits the school. Aside from legitimizing students as business professionals, the RBP Certification Program assesses the educational institution’s current curriculum and teaching methods.